Since 2010, the SAPE (Safety and Protection in Energy) International Exhibition and Conference, sponsored by the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation, has been an annual event and a unique industry forum for beneficial communication between Russian energy sector players.

The SAPE International Exhibition and Conference is focused on promoting and raising the awareness among energy employees of occupational safety globally, country-wide and locally, and on preventing injuries and professional diseases.

The goal of the 6th International Conference is to bring together experts from energy companies that have maintained zero accident frequency rate for over two years. They will share their experience to set up a so-called “School of Good Safety and Accident Prevention Practices in the Energy Industry”, to become a new discussion format at SAPE Conferences.

SAPE 2015 Exhibition is:

  • a perfect opportunity to display and learn about new occupational safety and health achievements, PPE innovations, technologies and equipment, and developments in HSE regulatory framework;
  • an advantageous forum for Russian and foreign experts to share experience and build up professional contacts, generate new ideas, approaches and solutions for occupational safety and protection in the fuel and energy sector;
  • a diversity of participants and visitors which include fuel and power sector security officers, technical managers, occupational safety officers, protective equipment manufacturers and consumers, and representatives of federal and local authorities, public associations and foreign companies.

We invite:

  • Suppliers of rescue and fire fighting vehicles and equipment as well as means of protection in natural and man-made emergencies;
  • Designers and manufacturers of safety work clothing and footwear, personal and collective protective equipment;
  • Companies involved in occupational medicine and hygiene, developers and manufacturers of occupational disease preventive means, rehabilitation facilities, including recreation and health resorts, and hygienic monitoring system designers;
  • Scientific and Federal organizations involved in the improvement of health, safety and environment standards;
  • Industrial safety expert firms, insurance companies, and legal firms offering occupational safety services;
  • Developers and publishers of regulatory, methodical and educational literature and occupational safety signs;
  • Personnel safety training centers;
  • Service companies.

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