Exhibition venue features

The Main Media Centre. Sochi


Address: Olympic ave., 1, Sochi, Krasnodar region, Russia

Building area: 158 000 sq.m

The Main Media Centre is located between the railway station “Olympic Village” and the hotel “Tulip Inn Omega Sochi”. Such a convenient location makes it easy to hold the various events from seminars to forums in it.

The size of The Main Media Centre is equal to 20 football fields or 7 Red Squares.

The Main Media Centre is a three-level building. On the first level of the building, there are parking and utility rooms. The main streets with resting zones and media offices are located on the second floor of the building. The main technical area is located on the upper level. This separation provides easy access to all levels for professionals and technical personnel.

The Main Media Centre has all advantages of a world-class expo centre: indoor exhibition space accommodating stands of any configuration, a modern communication system, the option of plugging in the exposition to all the necessary networks, and convenient logistics and navigation systems. The design concept of the Main Media Centre provides convenient access to events for limited mobility people. Furthermore, the Main Media Centre operates its own medical station, full cycle kitchens, as well as specialized premises for all services involved in organization of an event.

The press centre of the Main Media Centre provides sufficient work areas for media representatives and offers convenience and comfort.

The Main Media Centre hosted XXII Olympic Winter Games and  XI Paralympics Winter Games, The Sochi International Investment Forum 2014, The Sochi International Forum of Tourism and other significant business events.

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